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J301A-001 Audio Controller

               Data Sheet


               The J301A-001 audio controller is a compact, lightweight unit that is compatible with the
               current industry standard interconnect. The unit will support one low impedance head-
               set (5 ohm mic and 8 ohm phones) or one high impedance headset (150 ohm amplified
               dynamic mic and 150 ohm phones). By using a Windows  based application (ProCS™),
               configuration settings may be changed via a 3.5mm jack on the front panel.  Field
               replaceable illuminated legends allow one version of the controller for many different
               mission configurations.


               • Field configurable settings                   • 5, 14 and 28 Vdc lighting voltage
               • Field replaceable legends                       selection
               • Adjustable output and input levels            • Music muting
               • Balanced ICS, CVR, Rx Comp. &                 • Duplex mode transmission for telephone
                 trans mit mic. outputs                          operation
               • Adjustable CVR output level                   • Transmit select annunciators
               • Front panel music input                       • Connector pin compatible with industry

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