Environmental Testing Capabilities

Jupiter Avionics Corporation

has equipment to perform DO-160 tests for various categories of
sections 4-8, 15-19 and 25.


Jupiter Avionics’ Kelowna B.C. Canada facility is equipped with state of the art equipment for avionics environmental testing. Test equipment supports testing to RTCA DO-160 requirements for sections 4-9,15-19 and 25.


Our experienced test technologists can work closely with you, providing timely and effective assistance throughout the qualification process; including development of test fixtures and harnesses. We have access to Transport Canada Designated Airworthiness Representatives (DAR) for witnessing your testing for certification purposes.

Pre-Certification Testing:

To ensure that formal certification testing will pass the first time, thus saving time and money, pre-certification testing should be performed first. These un-witnessed, informal tests can confirm that your equipment and test documentation is ready for the formal, witnessed tests or be used for engineering evaluation of prototype equipment. Pre-certification tests reduce the risk of going over budget and schedule.

Certification Testing:

We can assist in the performance and preparation for TSO, STC, safety-of-flight and evaluation testing. This includes test planning and the writing of test procedures and reports. Call to discuss your testing requirements.


Tenny JR Temperature Chamber

Temp Range: -70 to +180 °C
Temp Change: ± 5 °C/min
Chamber Dim (DxHxW): 10.5 x 11.5 x 15 in.
26.7 x 29.2 x 38.1 cm
Access Port Diameter: 6 in. / 15.2 cm
DO160 Section 4.5 and 5

Altitude, Decompression

Tenny Strat TS5T Altitude & Temperature Chamber

Altitude: 100,000 ft max. (8.2 Torr)
Temp Range: -70 to +170 °C
Temp Change: ± 2 °C/min
Chamber Dim (DxHxW): 20.5 x 19 x 20.5 in.
52.1 x 48.3 x 52.1 cm
Access Port Diameter: 3 in. / 7.6 cm (Two each)
Note: Custom sealed access connector plate required.
DO160 Section 4.6


All American, Pressure Vessel, 1915X

Pressure: -15,000 ft, 26 psi MAX @ 1100ft (1350 Torr max)
Chamber Dim (ID x H): 12 x 7 in.
30.5 x 17.8 cm
Access Port Diameter: none
DO160 Section 4.6.3


Espec BTL-433 Humidity & Temperature Chamber

Humidity: 10 to 95 %RH
Temp Range: -20 to +180 °C
Temp Change: ±1 °C/min
Interior Dimensions (WxDxH): 19 x 14 x 23 in.
48.3 x 35.6 x 58.4 cm
Access Port Diameter: 4 in. / 10 cm
DO160 Section 6

Mechanical Shaker

Dynamic Solutions Shaker & Power Supply, DS660VH/9-3 Dynamic Solutions Controller, DVC-8/4

Sine Force: 660 lbf peak max.
Random Force: 660 lbf rms max.
Shock Force: 1320 lbf peak max.
Frequency range: 3-3000 Hz
Displacement: 1.5 in max.
Velocity: 59 in/s max.
Acceleration: 35 g max.
Armature Mass: 18.7 lbs
Note: Custom mechanical mounting fixture may be needed.
DO160 Section 7 and 8

Magnetic Effect

Ames, Compass, AMES-MARK

Compass Card: Range, Precision: ± 10°, 0.5°
Equipment: AlphaLab DC Milliguass Meter
DO160 Section 15

Power Input (DC)

Kepco Amplifier, BOP 100-4M
Agilent Waveform Generator, 33521A

Normal Operating Conditions (DC): 0-100 Vdc at 4 Adc
Abnormal Operating Conditions (DC): 0-100 Vdc at 4 Adc
Abnormal Surge Voltage (DC): 0-100 Vdc at 4 Adc for 100 and 1000 ms.
Audio Frequency Conducted Susceptibility: 0.004 to 4.0 Vpp over 0.01-150 kHz.
DO160 Section 16 and 18

Voltage Spike

Solar Spike Generator, 7054-1

Waveform: 600 Vp for 10 us.
DO160 Section 17

Induced Signal Susceptibility

Kepco Amplifier, BOP 100-4M
Agilent Waveform Generator, 33521A
Solar Spike Generator, 7054-1

Magnetic Field: 20 A at 400 Hz, 30 A•m at 400 Hz to 0.8 A•m at 15 kHz.
Electric Field: 1800 V•m over 380 to 420 Hz.
Spikes: ≥600 Vpp with period 0.2 to 10 us duration 50 to 1000 us
DO160 Section 19

Electrostatic Discharge

EM Test, ESD Simulator, DITO

Output Voltage: ±15,000 Vp
Equipment: Jupiter Avionics, Grounded Table, 2.5 m sq. copper
DO160 Section 25